Yard Ramp Sizes

Although most mobile yard ramps (often called container loading ramps or forklift ramps), are generally of about the same physical size, they come in a variety of rated capacities. The industry standard capacity yard ramp is rated at 10 Tonne, but many manufacturers produce alternative light duty 7 Tonne models, and some produce heavy duty ramps rated at 15 Tonne, and even extra heavy duty 20 Tonne capacity ramps.   Mobile yard ramps are designed to permit the safe unloading of standard ISO containers, or rear entry trucks, by forklift truck without the need for a permanent docking bay. All yard ramps therefore incorporate an inclined section from ground level, up to a flat approach section leading into the container or truck. The flat approach section needs to be approx. 2.6m. long in order to accommodate the forklift so that the rear section of the container can be unloaded with the forklift working on the level. The inclined ramp section up from ground level needs to have a slope of no more than that required for safe forklift operation. Given the working range of truck bed heights, this sets the overall length of normal yard ramps at between 11 and 12m.  The working width of the ramp bed is normally about 2.25m which gives sufficient clearance to manoeuvre the forklift up the ramp safely and is compatible with the width of ISO containers and most trucks. The overall width of the yard ramp is then about 2.5m.

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