Advantages of Yard Ramps

The traditional way to unload an ISO shipping container, or a truck which has been loaded with palletised cargo from the rear, is to reverse the vehicle against an elevated concrete docking bay. The docking bay is designed to approx. match the height of the vehicle and an levelling device built into the dock accommodates and slight variations.

Where it is not practical to use a building with built in loading docks, or where the unloading requirement is only temporary, then the answer is use a mobile yard ramp. These are also sometimes known as container ramps or forklift ramps.

Even larger companies that have multiple banks of fixed docking bays in their buildings will also often ensure that they have a mobile yard ramp available, as this gives them extra flexibility to their logistic operations. It also provides an insurance in the case of breakdowns of their fixed docks. This means that they can opt for a cheaperĀ  9 to 5 breakdown cover over 5 days a week, rather than the much more costly full 24 / 7 cover otherwise required.

For those businesses that only have an infrequent unloading requirement, then the significant expense of integrating docking bays into a building cannot be justified. Once again the answer lies in the mobile yard ramp which is inexpensive and does not require any special modifications to buildings.

For smaller businesses without docking bay facilities the alternative option is to manually manoeuvre the cargo to the rear doors of the container, or truck, so that it can be removed from there by forklift. The use of pallet trucks to move cargo within the confined spaces of a container can present safety problems, but mainly it is very inefficient. It is not only costly in terms of the manpower required, but even more so in the amount of time it takes to unload the container or vehicle. Making use of a yard ramp for container unloading means that the whole task can be accomplished by a single forklift operator and in a fraction of the time. The savings are such that even those businesses handling only 1 or 2 loads per month normally find that a yard ramp is very extremely effective with a quick return in investment.

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