Yard Ramps – Rent or Buy?

There are many factors affecting the decision whether to buy or rent a yard ramp. Obviously the primary consideration is whether the requirement to use the device is a permanent or a temporary one.

If the requirement to use a yard ramp is only a temporary one, then the decision to rent is a clear cut one. Several of the largest yard ramp manufacturers will provide their ramps on a short fixed term rental arrangement.

It should though be remembered that delivery of a ramp to the required location, and its return after the rental has finished, is an expensive operation. This cost will reflect disproportionately on very short term rental periods. However, even then the benefits that using a yard ramp provides still make even very short term rentals effective compared to the alternatives of not using a yard ramp.

If the requirement for a yard ramp is a long term one, then the decision of whether to rent or buy is more complex, and depends to a large extent upon the corporate policy of the buyer and their accounting criteria. Many businesses prefer to avoid outright capital expenditure purchases, and instead they take out renewable 12 month rental contracts which are rolled over each time a renewal period comes around.

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