Yard Ramp Features

Features of yard ramps:

  • Aids the loading or unloading of a standard ISO container, or rear loaded truck, quickly, safely and efficiently without the need for permanent docking bays. 
  • Allows loading or unloading to be achieved by a single forklift operator.
  • Sorts out a container in a fraction of the time it takes with a pallet truck.
  • Mobile – can be used either inside or outside of buildings.
  • Avoids the necessity for expensive permanent concrete docking bays integrated into buildings.
  • Ideal for short term use in peak periods, or on temporary sites etc.
  • Allows more flexible operations for overflow conditions when all regular docking bays are already in use, or are unavailable due to an unexpected breakdown situation. 
  • Promotes safer working practices than having to manually move cargo with a pallet trucks within a container.
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